This web site is dedicated to the Romanian Christians from around the world. I would like to emphasize that these pages were not approved or endorsed by the Romanian Orthodox Church or any of the churches mentioned in the text. There is no church of any denomination or organization sponsoring these pages.

The idea behind this site was to enable Romanian people living in Australia to find a Romanian church close to their home. Beside this I tried to provide other information that I considered useful to assist you with your faith.

While most of the content is orthodox there are references or texts that are not from an orthodox source. If you have a problem with that, please do not refer to this site and seek the information you need in the official pages of the Romanian Orthodox Church (www.patriarhia.ro).

Romanian Churches in Australia (ROCA)
Acest web site se adreseaza si este dedicat romanilor crestini de pretutindeni. Vreau sa fac clar de la inceput, ca aceste pagini reprezinta efortul meu personal iar continutul lor nu a fost supus aprobarii nici unui for bisericesc. Bisericile romanesti mentionate nu au sponsorizat si nu sponsorizeaza in nici un fel acest web site.

Ideea acestui site a fost si este aceea de a informa romanii care traiesc in Australia despre bisericile romanesti ce pot fi gasite pe teritoriul australian. Deasemenea am cautat sa pun la dispozitia dumneavoastra si alte informatii sau texte utile. Un fel de biblioteca a crestinului.

Desi majoritatea informatiei prezentate in aceste pagini are ca provenienta Biserica Ortodoxa Romana sint si texte care provin din alte surse. Daca aveti o problema cu aceasta, va rog frumos sa va referiti la site-ul Patriarhiei (www.patriarhia.ro).

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